Walk in the Jungle

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Explore the depths of the jungle, the greatest expression of life on Earth.

For two hours, walk through the jungle and learn about everything the Amazon has for you. 
An adventure where you can observe all kinds of medicinal plants, gigantic trees, jungle vines, plus a variety of insects, amphibians, birds, and animals.

Set out to a jungle hike into the Yanamono primary rainforest reserve, for approximately two hours accompanied by our expert guides. They will show you how to identify several flora species such as heliconia flowers, medicinal plants and giant trees. You will also have the chance to sight several birds species such as the Turkey Vulture (Cathartes Aura), Black Fronted Nanbird (Monasa-Atia), and with a little luck you will be able to view a family of small monkeys such as marmosets (saguinus fusicollis), the  Titi (Callicebus Mollock Mollock) and the squirrel monkey (Saimiri Boliviense).

Heliconia Medicinal Plant Trail Guide

Heliconia Medicinal Plant Trail Guide
Heliconia's Medicinal Plant Trail Guide
Welcome to Heliconia’s Medicinal Plant Trail.

The Amazon has more than 40,000 species of plants, and more than 16,000 species of trees. Some of them are contain important medicinal compounds….a rainforest pharmacy.

Here is a list of some medicinal and useful plants and trees you will see on the Heliconia’s Medicinal Plant Trail. 

This list gives the Spanish name, English name, Scientific name, and some of the many uses of these important medicinal and useful plants. 

Enjoy your walk on the Medicinal Plant Trail!

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