Pink Dolphins Sighting

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The playful pink river dolphin is one of the most loved amazon river species. Boating on the Amazon, we will stop to call the pink dolphins (bufeo colorado) to come and say hello. If you are quiet, you can see them swimming, leaping, and playing about near the boat.

Pink Dolphin Sighting.

Take a twenty-minute boat ride down Amazon River to try to spot some “pink dolphins” (Inia Geoffrensis) as they leap and swim about. The Amazon River dolphins are one of the few species of fresh water and the most well-known river dolphins. They range in color depending on their age; juveniles are dark gray on the dorsal side, lighter gray on the ventral side medium sized, with long beaks, a stocky body, and prominent forehead. As they mature, the ventral side and flanks turn pink; you may think they’re almost mystical. They become lighter with age, tinged with white and blue-gray coloring. The pink dolphins are often found singly or in pairs. Watch as they gregariously bound and show off sometimes even alongside the boats.

Common name Scientific name Local name Probabilities 
High water season Low water season 
Gray River Dolphin Sotalia fluviatis Bufeo gris  10 10
Pink River Dolphin Inia geoffrensis  Bufeo colorado  10 10


                                                          Spotting probabilities are rated from 1 to 10

                                                          Low water season : June to November
                                                          High water season: December to May


Did you say a pink dolphin?

Did you say a pink dolphin?Yes, Amazon river dolphins are pink. Scientists are not entirely sure why, but a common theory suggests that their rosy pigment comes from their blood vessels visible through a thin layer of skin. In fact, Amazon river dolphins become more pink in color when excited, much like humans when we blush.
These dolphins are an endemic species to the Amazon Rainforest, meaning that they are not found in any other part of the world. While there are other freshwater dolphins in places like China and parts of Southeast Asia, there are only 2 documented species living in the Amazon Basin of South America. Of those 2 species, the pink river dolphin is the most charismatic.
In all honesty, the pink river dolphin is not the cutest water-dwelling animal of the Amazon. These dolphins are larger than a person, about 8 feet long, with a bulge on the head and a long, thin snout that is curved upwards, as if it is permanently smiling. They have large flippers and a short crest where the dorsal fin should be. They are not particularly fast swimmers, but their unique bone structure allows them to maneuver with agility through trees and brush when the river floods during the high water season.