Double Room - Bungalows

Double Room - Bungalows

The perfect place for you and your partner. An intimate space that is located deep in the jungle and the furthest from the social areas of the Lodge.
 It has 2 beds, a hammock, bathroom, and all the nature and magic of the Amazon.

Take a unique jungle break in our 4 Bungalows which are distanced from the Lodge’s common areas.  Spot some lizards and fish as you walk along its corridor over a swamp with water 365 days a year. Soak up in the sizeable private 32.5 square meter bungalow with terrace provided with a hammock and rocking chair.
For your comfort, the Bungalows are equipped with a ceiling fan, an ample hanger closet, safe, poncho, flashlight and extra amenities such as a reading table, mini ref and electrical socket to charge your laptop, tablet and camera. Amenities in its large bathroom.
Most ideal for couples in honeymoon for seclusion and privacy.

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Tlf: +51 965 994 868
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