The union of the Amazon and Nanay rivers

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The union of the Amazon and Nanay rivers is a beauty of nature. The meeting point between the Nanay rivers, with black waters, and the Amazon rivers, with turbid waters, is known as the "Serpential Union of Waters"

The Nanay River is a river in Peru, a tributary of the Amazon River that runs through the Amazon territory of the department of Loreto. It has a length of 315 km.
The Nanay River is located on the left bank of the Amazon, between the Tigre River and the Napo River. The Nanay is one of the three rivers that surround the jungle city of Iquitos, turning it into an island. Other nearby settlements on the river are the towns of Santo Tomás, Padre Cocha and Santa Clara.
During periods when the river is low, the many beaches along the Nanay River are very popular destinations. The Nanay River belongs entirely to the lowlands, and is very tortuous, with a slow course and is divided into many channels - a kind of natural channel, which allows the lateral discharge of surplus water from the river - and chains of lagoons that They flood the plain, in the low areas on either bank.
Its main tributary, which it receives near Santa María de Nanay, is the Pintuyacu River, which in turn has the Chambira River as a tributary. The Momón River flows into the Nanay River.