New Year Eve 2020

New Year Eve 2020

This year, we celebrate the coming new year on a Wednesday, but if these holidays do not matter and if you just gave a day off we have the program that suits you.
Come with the family, come with friends or come with the bride or groom and spend some spectacular days with us before the end of the year and then receive 2020 with a GREAT PARTY that you will never forget.


3 days 2 nights
4 days 3 nights

US$ 370.00 

US$ 456.00 


30% Dscto.

Dinner and New Year's Eve Party

Additional Discount for groups from 5 to more



  • 2 Nights at Heliconia Lodge
  • Full board, 2 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners (inc. New Year's dinner)
  • Reception at the airport (luggage collection area) and transfer to the Bellavista pier.
  • Beginning of your adventure in the jungle. Transfer by boat by the Amazon River to the Lodge, (1:30 trip)
  • Observation of the wedding of the rivers Amazonas and Nanay
  • Visit to the Monkey Island
  • Walk through the jungle
  • Evening Boat Ride
  • Birdwatching. early morning wake up